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Allen Ginsberg

Born June 3, 1926, Newark, New Jersey, U.S. — died April 5, 1997, New York, New York, American poet whose epic poem Howl (1956) is considered to be one of the most significant products of the Beat movement.

Ginsberg grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, where his father, Louis Ginsberg, himself a poet, taught English. Allen Ginsberg’s mother, whom he mourned in his long poem Kaddish (1961), was confined for years in a mental hospital. Ginsberg was influenced in his work by the poet William Carlos Williams, particularly toward the use of natural speech rhythms and direct observations of unadorned actuality.

While at Columbia University, where his anarchical proclivities pained the authorities, Ginsberg became close friends with Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, who were later to be numbered among the Beats. After leaving Columbia in 1948, he traveled widely and worked at a number of jobs from cafeteria floor mopper to market researcher.


Allen Ginsberg • Diana Huppert

Flower-Power Revival


A.G., Anti-Waffen-Bruder der 68er-Studentenbewegung, von der anderen, der Aussteiger-Fraktion, war als Gastprofessor der [Schule der Dichtung-> in Wien — die Gelegenheit zu diesem Gespräch nützte Diana Huppert. Wenn Revoluzzer ältere Herren werden. Sorgfältig, elegant gekleidet, immer (...)

Allen Ginsberg • Christian Ide Hintze

Wir Schamanen

Gespräch* mit Christian Ide Hintze

Gutes Geld an schlechte Dichter HINTZE: Wir wollen so etwas wie eine Dichtergewerkschaft, Autorengewerkschaft aufbauen. Irgend etwas in der Art. Weil wir viele Autoren in Österreich haben, die unter großer sozialer Not leben. GINSBERG: Welche Art von Not? Kein Geld? HINTZE: Kein Geld, keine (...)

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